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Making positive environmental steps

18 Mar 2019

We feel that it is vital to look at our working practices with the environment in mind. This is a constantly evolving process. We would like to share with you some of the ways we work, that will hopefully mean that we will be leaving less of a carbon footprint.


Our Products

As you will probably know, we have recently changed some of our containers. The cleansers, fresheners, Face Scrub, Eye Make-up Remover & Gardener's Hand Scrub, are no longer in plastic, but glass bottles. We are giving customers the option to have a screw on lid or a pump. The lids are widely recyclable, but currently, the pumps are not.
We are hoping that if the pump option is chosen, then people will be encouraged to wash and then reuse the pump on their next purchase.

We are currently trying to source some eco-friendly containers for our lip & nail products.



Our parcels are dispatched in recyclable, responsibly sourced & often recycled cardboard boxes. We use packing chips that are made of potato starch, & can be reused,  put on your compost or dissolved in water. We use Kraft packing tape, which can be recycled with the box, & is biodegradable.


Tea Breaks

We have our dairy milk delivered in glass bottles, which are returned, cleaned & reused. The coffee & tea we buy is fair trade, & we recycle or reuse all containers. We love biscuits! But try not to buy any with palm oil in them.



We source our ingredients from responsible suppliers, & although we are not certified as organic, many of our ingredients are organic. Our beeswax is locally sourced (where possible), & we use small, bee-friendly beekeepers.

Most of our products require us to use purified water. We used to have to buy this in plastic containers. We are currently having our own water purifier fitted, which means we no longer need to buy it in. We are therefore eliminating the need for plastic containers and freight miles.


We are by no means perfect but are always looking for ways to improve.

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