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Reducing plastic in our packaging

10 Jul 2019

We hope you are enjoying your summer and would like to thank you for your continued support. Coldrenick farm is looking gorgeous in the sunshine; we have lambs calves and swallows at the moment!


Environmental Update 

Thank you to everyone who recycled their pump or decided not to use a pump when ordering cleansers, fresheners and eye make-up remover. We are now trying to encourage recycling your pump for the hand washes and hand creams in bottles. You will now, therefore have the option to purchase these products with a screw top lid, which is much easier to recycle. 


Reducing the Plastic

As you may know, we have withdrawn our lip salves, cuticle and nail balm and arnica salve, as we have been trying to obtain some compostable containers, rather than plastic ones. We have finally managed to source some! They are being made for us, so we are excited that we will be able to re-introduce these products, hopefully by the end of summer. Thank you for bearing with us on this, we are committed to providing products with minimal impact on the environment. 


Lids Environmental Update 

Although our lids are plastic, they are recyclable and are now made from recycled plastic. We are always looking at alternatives and will keep you updated on this. 

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